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Plant Milk Power

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Nancy Kwon, Singapore reviewed on 19 Jun 2021

Invaluable recipes and information

I been making the almond milk ever since I bought the book and I love it. I was surprised how little amount of almonds were needed but it came out delicious and not so thick. I then ventured into using chia seeds with many other combinations which even my family liked. It’s nutritious and easy to make so thank you for the recipes and all the nutritional information

Hina Khatri, Singapore reviewed on 6 Aug 2021

Most delicious recipes

Plant Milk Power is packed with some of the most delicious recipes I’ve ever had! So nutritious, easy to follow and tasty that I could never buy ready-made nut milks again. Aside from breakfast-time, my family loves to have them as a pick me up snack!

Neena reviewed on 6 Aug 2021

Choice and Variety of ingredients are really quite unique

Okay here goes.....I'm not new to plant milks however this book really caught my eye....the pictures are vibrant and yet very real, the choice and variety of ingredients are really quite unique especially the tiger nuts, and some of the flavour combinations are absolutely delicious, my favourite is the almond cacao chicory and walnut milk. What is quite unique about this book is the inclusion of health benefits and other important and relevant information which makes a difference to the taste and view is once you start trying the recipes you'll be hooked!

Rachel Granger reviewed on 6 Aug 2021

More energy to give to my life

My day demands the best from me: ten hours of challenging work leading a busy hospital IT dept plus a four-hour commute means it's all too easy to skip meals. My first meal often used to be my last - supper at 9PM or later. After a difficult year I was exhausted. My sister introduced me to Aparna and Shital's book of power milks and after preparing daily favourites for breakfast on-the-go, my nutritional balance began to return. My digestion improved, I had fewer sugar cravings and did not feel as hungry during the day. I had more energy to give to my life. The recipes are delicious, they're easy to make, and if you're stretched to the max like me, give them a go and see if they work for you.

Anomalous London reviewed on 6 Aug 2021

Staple in any kitchen

Plant Milk Power is a great concept introducing the benefits of nuts, seeds, spices & fruits in an easy to make drink. For a healthier life and for those keen on focusing on their wellbeing this is the way forward! Enticing, colourful images with simple receipes to follow makes this book a staple in any kitchen. Our favourite to try: Strawberry, chia, cashewnut smootie (pictured). Filling, tasty & rewarding. Highly recommended.

Anamaria reviewed on 6 Aug 2021

Fresh when I need it!

Once I tried the first recipe (almonds, dates, blueberries & chia seeds) I was hooked. Although the smoothie had no sugar and I did not add the vanilla, the texture was very creamy and the taste delightfully sweet, with no guilt! Making the almond milk following the recipe from the book was straight forward, so goodbye opened bottles in the fridge that go out of date! Almond milk, fresh when I need it! Making a choice from the selection of recipes is exciting in itself. The concise research, highlighting the health benefits, gave me the confidence that despite having a busy schedule I can always have healthy, nutritious meals. As the pictures are so vivid, my child enjoyed going through it with me, to choose his favourite and look for the ingredients. I strongly recommend this book as it has something for everyone to enjoy!

Bhanu Bhatti, Kenya reviewed on 6 Aug 2021

Well Researched

Congratulations to you and Shital for producing such a superb book giving valuable information on the nutritious, healing properties of nuts, fruits, seeds etc as well allergens in them. One can make out the research done by you is at great length. The recipes for Milk, Compote, Punch and Smoothies are very simple. I have tried a few of them and they taste delicious. Most of them have dates added to them which are very good for people suffering from anemia like me. Once again Congratulations to you both.

Nishma reviewed on 6 Aug 2021

Highly educational and an essential in any kitchen

I’ve been using this book for over 1&1/2 years. Very simple and easy to follow recipes and some excellent combinations, which I would never have thought of before. My favourite being Cacao Chia and Hazelnut smoothie and ohh so filling and yum. Plant milk power is an absolute essential in any kitchen and the best there is to educate people that there is so much out there instead of the regular dairy and soy.

Neha Devgon reviewed on 21 Aug 2023

Absolute must for the most Sattvic and Nutritious diet

As a mother of two little ones, I am so eternally thankful to Dr. Aparna and Shital for putting together this amazing resource. The recipes are incredibly delicious. One can tell after trying a few, these recipes have been tested to perfection and created with lots of love. I love and really appreciate the way the authors have added lots of information about the ingredients and answered any question a reader can possibly have! The chia pudding has become a daily staple for our entire family. And fruit based smoothies are the new favourite breakfast for the kids. Thank you!